8 possible reasons, why your WooCommerce site is slow!

WooCommerce Performance Optimization

1. You’re using a slow hosting provider

please check if you use a shared-hosting offer and if yes, please change to managed hosting like WooCart

2. You don’t use a content delivery network

CDN is important in case you sell all over the world, if not you can ignore this.

3. You’re not using a caching plugin

If your provider doesn´t offer caching features on its platform, than you should use caching plugin like WP Rocket or others

4. Your image sizes are not optimized

Although you might have uploaded small sized images, they might be still too large. By checking with GTMETRIX or Google Pagespeed you are shown how much capacity you could still save and which images you should still compress with some tools.

5. You’re facing database issues

All changes in your posts, pages, products are saved in database tables, so they use database capacity which should be cleaned regularly

6. You’re using a bad theme

Many themes have so many features which you don´t need!  but  the resources of your webhosting package are wasted.  e.g. by using WP Theme from SUKI you have much better performance. We might to do some changes so that it looks like the former theme!

7. You’re using a bad plugin

Many plugins are not well-coded and use too much resources. We will help you to find out some alternative plugins

8. You’ve not activated the latest PHP version on your website

We optimize your website and store and also share best practices and potential enhancements that will give your visitors a positive experience and support your business.

More than 30% people abandon a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google now counts website loading speed (Desktop / Mobile) as a parameter in Search Engine Optimization. This means, that websites & webshops which run quick, will get better position in search engines.

We will send you the reports before and after, so you can see the success.

Technical details:

  • Core area WordPress optimization.
  • Enabled by Web page caching, browser caching and GZip compression.
  • Minification of HTML, CSS & JS
  • Combination of JS, CSS (may not work on all pages)
  • Parse of possible JavaScript files move
  • Image Optimization, Scaling & Resizing
  • Remove query strings
  • Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers
  • Troubleshooting bad requests
  • Configure ETags
  • Minimizing the number of total requests
  • Database and Object Caching. (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers)
  • Optimization of the file .htaccess or nginx.conf
  • Set up a Content Delivery Network
  • Implementation of server level (opcode) caching for VPS / Dedicated Servers.

All websites & online stores are updated from time to time with new content, new menu structure, new plugins or other theme, it is useful the check the website or online store from time to time, to make sure that speed is still fantastic.  If it is not fantastic anymore you can ask us for further help at a discounted price.

As many of the websites and online stores are hosted on shared-hosting packages, speed also  depends on the traffic of all the websites which are active on the webserver which you share with maybe 100 or more companies.

If you want to avoid such situations we recommend you Google Cloud Hosting powered by WooCart.   All our maintenance packages include hosting and perfect services to make you more successful.