WooCommerce Maintenance


Maintenance is very important for your WooCommerce Store

Updating your plugins & theme  is part of maintaining your WooCommerce store which helps to make your store more secure.

  • Maintenance not only wards off malicious attackers but helps improve user experience.
  • Uptime monitoring helps track how well your hosting is working out for you.
  • Regular backups come to rescue in code black situations.

WooCommerce Maintenance includes a regular set of tasks on a timely basis:

#1 Backup
#2 Updating WooCommerce, Plugins, Theme, WordPress
#3 Uptime Monitoring
#4 Handling Security Notifications

All our plans include Managed Hosting !

Regular support is essential, especially for online stores. In addition, the tasks in a WooCommerce Online Store differ from the maintenance tasks for a "normal" WordPress website. That is why e-Carts offers special maintenance plans for WooCommerce installations.

WooCommerce maintenance includes:

  • Carrying out all updates regularly, paying particular attention to the functionality of the online store and the compatibility of the plugins with each other (e.g. a WooCommerce update to German Market or Germanized)
  • Regular backups (files and database) and storage on an external server
  • Securing the website against hacker attacks and permanent monitoring of the measures
  • Monitor server availability
  • Automatic function test for store functionality
  • Especially in the eCommerce area, store operators have a special responsibility for the security of their websites, since they also store customer data. A hacker attack on a store would have fatal consequences.

e-Cart offers regular WooCommerce maintenance in 3 different plans that ensure the trouble-free operation of the websites on a permanent basis.

When you compare our prices with price list of other WooCommerce Maintenance Services you will see, that you save a lot of money by getting full service including managed hosting from us!


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