Managed WooCommerce Hosting saves you the expense of hardware maintenance, software updates, and data backups

Cost savings and scalability
Companies save in both cases because they do not have their own servers or have to maintain special IT staff. By getting a managed hosting provider on board who can  serve their needs, they only use the resources they need.

Fixed costs and planability
Unforeseen costs do not occur, because maintenance or hardware replacement are at the expense of the provider. This allows companies to plan more accurately and predict their cash flow.

Time savings and expertise
It helps companies avoid work such as hardware maintenance, software updates, and data backups. This allows them to pay close attention to their core competences and improve their net results.

Guaranteed uptime and speed
With an experienced provider on the side, it is not your own responsibility to ensure the constant availability of all systems. We take care of it instead of the customer and guarantee a certain level of availability through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In addition to the higher availability, one can expect a high-performance network connection from a large provider. This allows a higher speed of data transmission.

Security and privacy
A  provider has a set of security measures in place to protect data from unauthorized access. On the one hand, these are physical measures in the data center (access restriction, monitoring). On the other hand, for example, firewalls are implemented and effective solutions for protection against DDoS attacks are offered. In addition, customers of a provider with data centers in Europe benefit from high data protection according to GDPR/BDSG. In addition, we use the professional provider WOOCART which is managing our servers, so that we have time for details in your shop-business.

WooCommerce is a free shop system that can be used as a plugin in WordPress. The plugin benefits from the familiarity of WordPress, because as the most widely used content management system you have with the WordPress base directly a large target group, which can be addressed. WooCommerce lives up to the principles that WordPress pursues. Thanks to enormously simple operation and high user-friendliness, even less tech-savvy people are coming to grips with the shop system. Especially newcomers or small online shops attach great importance to the simple creation and management of a website. Previous knowledge in the area of online stores are not a requirement at WooCommerce and especially those who are familiar with WordPress will not have any problems with WooCommerce hosting.

Meanwhile, WooCommerce has established itself as one of the most used systems for online shops. Especially smaller shops rely more on the system from WordPress. For WooCommerce there are a lot of plugins with which the shop can be extended. This ensures a certain modularity and thus a flexibility that a good shop system urgently needs. When a shop system is used a lot, it is quite important to stand out from other shops. Another advantage of a WooCommerce hosting is that you can easily connect your own website with an online store. Many website operators attach great importance to good connectivity in this area these days. Since the shop system is a plugin, this possibility is guaranteed in every case.