A multilingual woocommerce online store  helps you to sell your products all over the world. The more languages you support, the more people will be able to buy in your online store. The multilingual feature sets you aside from the thousands of OTHER online stores that use only  their own language.

Some of the obvious advantages of a multilingual online store is: 

  • Better connection  with customers in the language they speak
  • customer base can be increased by reaching new markets in many  languages
  • Better ROI with cost-effective marketing in different languages
  • More conversions with better customer engagement
  • Stay ahead of the competition with this unique differentiating factor
  • Improved SEO with a variety of keywords and content in each language

If you are thinking of building a multilingual online store for your business, I recommend you to check out our WooCommerce e-commerce platform.

e-Cart Solutions offers multilingual WooCommerce online store with pre-installed WEGLOT plugin. This means that when you open your online store you can activate the multilingual feature and get your online store running as a multilingual store. Therefore you have to pay additional monthly fees. If you need higher quality translation you can also order professional translation of the most important parts of your content and so you can save a lot of money.

  • Add new languages and manage all your translations from a single place. No coding required.
  • 100% compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. No need to change your website or the way you work
  • Optimized for SEO Your translated pages are automatically indexed following Google multilingual SEO best practices
  • By the way, when it comes to multilingual SEO, Google gives 3 key guidelines to make sure translated pages are well indexed:
    – have unique and dedicated URLs for each language, which Weglot auto provides and creates with sub-directories /[2-letter code].
    – warn Google about the existence of other versions of the page, using either:
    • a sitemap
    • or the hreflang tags in the source code –> Weglot automatically adds them

Multilingual plugin for woocommerce