WooCommerce Performance Optimization


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WooCommerce Performance Optimization is very important!

More than 30% people abandon a website or online store which takes more than 3 Seconds to load. Google now counts website loading speed as a parameter in Search Engine Optimization.Website Speed Optimization is very important. We will optimize your website speed and also inform you about good practices and possible enhancements that will give your visitors a positive experience and support your business goals.We perform the following actions to enhance your WordPress Website Speed and Google Page Speed Grades for SEO Signals.Core WordPress Optimization.Enabling Website Page Caching, Browser Caching. and GZip Compression.Minification of HTML, CSS & JS Combining of JS, CSS  (May not work on all sites)Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript FilesImage Optimization, Scaling & Resizing Removal of Query StringsEnabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.Fixing Bad Requests.Configuring ETagsMinimizing number of total requests.Database and Object Caching. (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers)Optimizing .htaccess or nginx.conf fileSetting up a Content Delivery NetworkImplementation of Server Level (Opcode) Caching for VPS/Dedicated Servers.We will send you reports before and after having done performance optimization, so that you can see the success.