Shopping APP is available for WooCommerce

Five reasons to offer your customers an app:

  1. Customers spend 3 to 4 times longer in mobile apps than on desktops.
  2. Mobile apps have a much lower shopping cart abandonment rate: apps – 20%, desktops – 68%, mobile sites – 97%.
  3. Orders from customers who order via shopping app  spend twice as much money than on desktops or mobile sites.
  4. The average value of an order on mobile apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktops.
  5. Customers come back to your mobile ecommerce app more often than to your website.

Those 5 points are the reason why many retailers prefer to shift their business to mobile apps. In reality, an app has much more to offer, these are just some key advantages an ecommerce store can experience,

Compare App Themes

Actually we offer 3 versions of APP Themes with different features, which is available in one package. The WooCommerce app package is included in all of our plans, whereas for shop-owners hosting elsewhere can use it for yearly fee of 99 Euro including support and updates ! 

If you should need more then 2000 products and/or 2000 categories, please contact us and we will help you with a solution. In many situations we can help actually until 10.000 products and/or categories.

Features Standard Android Standard IOS PRO IOS
Woocommerce Stores 1 1 1
Max Products 2000 2000 2000
Max Categories 2000 2000 2000
Product Caching done done done
Category Caching done done done
WordPress Login/Register done done done
Stripe done done done
PayPal done done done
Apple Pay done
Push Notifications done
Smart Featured Products done
Category Home Tabs done

The general uptrend in modern clients recently is pushing on the web retailers to reevaluate their technique and investigate their client’s favored method for shopping. It is a lot simpler to go after your smartphone or tablet, push a couple of buttons and make a buy, than signing into a record on a work area. Thus, the quantity of cell phone clients is relied upon to increment from 2.32 billion this year to 2.87 billion by 2020.

Individuals who like to shop online do that since it is advantageous, which is the reason they will think about which gadget better suits their needs. Investigate the graph beneath that looks at versatile applications to work areas and presentations why some users lean toward shopping on their telephones.

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