WooCommerce Maintenance is very important for your success

Updating your plugins & theme  is part of maintaining your WooCommerce store which helps to make your store more secure.

  • WooCommerce Maintenance helps that hackers have no chance to destroy your online store and helps to improve user experience.
  • Uptime monitoring helps track how well your hosting is working out for you.
  • Regular backups come to rescue in code black situations.

WooCommerce Maintenance includes a regular set of tasks on a timely basis and is included on all of our plans!

#1 Backup
#2 Updating WooCommerce, Plugins, Theme, WordPress
#3 Uptime Monitoring
#4 Handling Security Notifications

When you compare our prices with price list of other Services you will see, that you save a lot of money by getting full service including managed hosting from us!

Preparations Before Doing Any updates on WooCommerce

Be always sure, that  you have a working backup of your WooCommerce shop at your place. Every WooCommerce store is different and depending on how yours is set up, this maintenance workflow could break your site. 

After you’ve created a backup, please ensure that you’re able to restore it. Simply relying on the backup plugin without testing a restore is a huge mistake. Imagine that your site breaks after installing an update and you’re not able to get back into the WP Admin area. Would you still be able to restore the backup you just took? The backups your web hosting company creates should be your backup’s failsafe, not your main backup strategy. Web host backups are certainly a welcome layer of security in preventing data-loss, but having your own website backups in cloud storage is the best practice.

Your site is backed up nightly, and the servers are always accessible, For your convenience, it makes sense to have multiple backups in independent locations.

If you’re serious about your WooCommerce online store, you should have a staging copy of your shop. That’s a copy of your website for testing all procedures like update, backup, restore and more.


  • Install a backup plugin
  • Test restoring a backup on a copy of the website
  • Set up a staging site
  • Set up a maintenance

Adding and Removing Plugins to WooCommerce

There are few plugins that have as many 3rd-party extensions as WooCommerce. As I said earlier, we need to understand that WooCommerce is no ordinary plugin but an entire shop system. Software companies and developers all across the globe understand the business potential of building WooCommerce extensions, so you’ll see hundreds of WordPress plugins if you search for the term “WooCommerce” on WordPress.org.


We think about if a new plugin makes sense

Before we add a new plugin to your online store , we have to check if it is really needed and if it doesn´t slow down the online store performance.

Sometimes we might remove a Plugin From WooCommerce

It may happen, that plugins are buggy or not updated or slow down the performance.  In such cases we might remove the plugin and find out an alternative plugin. Of course we will communicate before making changes!

Enjoy your updated and secure WooCommerce site and order our WooCommerce Hosting package