WooCommerce security gives you the ability to secure your WordPress website with Brute Force protection, strong password enforcement, 404 detection, file change detection and more. Security Pro also uses Sucuri SiteCheck to power the malware scan, to detect malware, site errors and out of date software. Security Pro also provides 2fa, a security dashboard so you can monitor activity and a security grade report.

allows you to backup, restore and move your WordPress site. Backups include everything on your site: all media files, themes, plugins and more. You can schedule automatic backups and store those backups on our Stash destination or another offsite location like Dropbox or Amazon S3.

allows you to manage multiple sites from one dashboard. With Sync Pro, you can perform one-click WordPress updates, monitor uptime, downtime and overall performance of your sites, manage your themes and plugins, use Sync’s SEO Checker and Google Analytics to see the health of your site, as well as customize the WP dashboard for clients. Sync Pro will also allow you to send interactive HTML reports to your clients showing the value of the work you do for them.

1. We keep everything Updated

Apart from updating the WordPress core, we also keep your themes and plugins updated

2. We use security powered by Google Cloud / WooCart

There are many WordPress security plugins available that help a lot in improving the security of your website. But as each plugins needs resources 

3. We use Strong Passwords
Most websites get hacked because they use weak passwords.

4. We use a different Username Than “Admin”
Like passwords, using commonplace admin usernames, like “admin” or “storename”, is a bad practice. We configure a secure username, which of course can be changed by you.

 5. We hide Author URL
Each time you create a user you get a URL like websitename.com/author/myname. Finding usernames from authors’ archives eliminates one step
from hackers checklist. He just needs to crack the password.

6. We offer Secure Hosting

e-Cart Solutions provides managed WooCommerce hosting. What that means is, we take care of the server security and nullify any attack on servers. We also provide SSH and SFTP access and make sure all the communication between you and our servers is encrypted.
A shared hosting environment is cheap but isn’t the most secure option for your ecommerce business. That´s why you get VPS with capacity described in your plan.

7. We add SSL Certificates
We add SSL to your WooCommerce store, in particular on the checkout and account login and creation pages. As sensitive information is being exchanged between the user and website, it is important that the information is send over an encrypted channel. Google Chrome marks Non-SSL sites as Not-Secure.
In all of our plans SSL is included and configured for WooCommerce store.

8. We always Keep Multiple Backups
Keeping backups of your onlineshop is very important. We always keep multiple backups of your site. It will give you a peace of mind, as you can easily restore your bug-free website quickly.
Depending on the chosen plan, there is backup every 24, 12 or 6 hours possible. Additionally you can ask for backup per hour.

9. We use a Premium Theme and offer support
As we are serious about your ecommerce business, we prefer to use a Premium theme that comes with technical support and frequent updates.

10. We limit Login Attempts
Many security plugins that I mentioned include the possibility of limiting login attempts. Restricting the number of login attempts to your admin panel will block attackers and is the first line of defense against the Brute Force Attacks.

11. We disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks
To avoid low-level DDoS attacks or send automated spammy notifications to your onlineshop we disable trackbacks and pingbacks

12. We use a Secure Database Password and Change Database Table Prefix

so it is much more difficult for hackers to damage your onlineshop.